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Registering as a Company Director

Registering as a Company DirectorThe Companies Act, 2006 requires that all private companies have at least one director and all public companies have at least two directors. Both private and public companies must have at least one 'natural born' person as a director, meaning an individual rather than a company or other legal entity. Click for more

A Quick Guide for UK Company Directors

A Quick Guide for UK Company Directors If you are a company director and wish to have a quick reference guide at hand, this article has been written just for you. The duties and responsibilities of a company director can be divided into general and specific duties.Click for more

Duties of a Company Director

Duties of a Company DirectorDirectors, whether they are formally appointed by a board or serve as de facto directors or shadow directors who are not formally named, must adhere to a number of duties to the company they control and direct. The duties of a company director are outlined in The Companies Act, 2006. Fully implemented in 2009, the legislation is the primary source for company law in the United Kingdom. Click for more

Limited Company Director VS CEO

Limited Company Director VS CEOCompany directors and executives are responsible for making important decisions that contribute to the success of the company. Executive officers such as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are largely responsible for the operations of a company. In a limited company the CEO is accountable to the company director or directors, who in turn answer to the company’s shareholders. Click for more

Offshore Company Directors

>Offshore Company DirectorsThe primary purpose anyone sets up an offshore company is to minimise taxation obligations and maximise profitability. It is wise to ensure the style of business you run is compatible with a type of offshore arrangement. Click for more

Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Training Courses There's an astonishing variety of leadership and training courses, seminars, conferences and interest groups for UK Company Directors to join. Company directors looking to develop top notch leadership skills, and keep up with the latest management trends, want to know where to go. Click for more